5 Gründe für Snoozy

Five reasons for the Snoozy Stroller

1. Comfort suspension: Each wheel is sprung individually. Whether over curbs, pavement or natural roads - the comfort suspension lulls your child to sleep.

2. Easy handling: Agile, versatile and lightweight. Changing the seat position or folding the stroller is intuitive and quick.

3. Accessories of the finest quality: Rain cover, mosquito net, sleeping bag and "Memory Foam" mattress: in terms of fit, handling and comfort, our accessories are uniquely great.

4. Tough: High-quality processed and extremely robust - that's why we grant a three-year warranty - just the thing for all your daily activities.

5. Aesthetic: Modern, urban, reduced. Available in three different color designs, the SNOOZY ONE is as stylish as your parents.